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We're two smart and sassy friends who love a great party!  We started planning incredibly fun and memorable events while dodging nerf bullets and whiffle balls during backyard happy hours.  After many years of volunteering for fundraisers and constantly fielding calls for our unofficial party expertise on themes, venue ideas, catering recommendations, and favor suggestions, we realized we had the talent and vision to take an average party and make it extraordinary.  With support and encouragement from friends and family, we decided to turn our driveway dreams into reality and launch Let's Party!      


Let’s Party! is based in Reston, Virginia with services in Tampa, Florida.

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I am a planner by nature but live for spontaneity! Nothing makes me happier than jumping in the truck with my crew, windows down, tunes cranked, and heading down the road less traveled in search of the next adventure.  

My real party super power is my borderline OCD for organization.  My "To Do" lists have "To Do" lists and you can bet money that I have both a plan B and a plan C.  This allows me to remain calm and focused in any situation and has earned me the reputation as the "Sanity Saver" on the team.  Organized? Yes!  Boring? No!  I have a knack for coming up with the witty phrases that complement Mara's awesome signage and set the tone for your event!  

Definitely a Mom Boss but I have to be if I want to keep my three amazing boys - Chase, Grayson, and Gavin - in check.  Someone has to be the occasional voice of reason at the frat house!  "Squiggy" is my side-kick and domestic feline partner in crime.  He is seriously the coolest cat you will ever meet and regularly converts dog lovers like it's his job.

My guilty pleasures?  No guilt here!  I'm a lover of Shark Tank marathons, a TikTok dancer wannabe, and a bit of an adrenaline junky... snowboarding, wakeboarding, scuba, jumping out of planes, you name it... I am always down!  



I am a passionate foodie, adore a sparkling rosé, completely obsessed with music from the 90s and early 2000s, and absolutely love chilling with my homies.


My mind is constantly buzzing (exhausting in a good way) with ways to make each party the best.  My special talent is coming up with the uber creative elements that people remember and then turning those dreams into a reality with Rebecca.  I love that look of "happy" when you see this creation come to life!


LP! would never be possible without the support of my very, very patient husband, Brian, and two really cool kids, Ella Rae and Sully.  In my spare time, you will often find me on the sidelines, walking my golden doodle, Eli Thor, or enjoying a family movie night snuggled on the couch in comfy PJs.  When I am not in mom or party mode, I am dreaming of my next fabulous vacation, absorbing the latest good read, or scanning Pinterest for upcoming trends and awesome ideas in home decor and design, parties, yummy recipes, and gorgeous florals. 

My guilty pleasures include Bravo TV, Schitt's Creek, true crime shows, and shopping for the latest and hippest sneakers.  I must confess that I even plan my seasonal wardrobes around them.  I collect kicks like some women collect handbags!

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