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Five Reasons Balloons are a Party Planner's BFF

May 4, 2017

​​Balloons are having a moment.  Last ​​weekend, hundreds of artists gathered in Florence, ​​Italy for an Olympic style balloon art competition (hosted by BACI 2017).


Every day, creatives like Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built inspire with extraordinary designs like these:


Photograph by Anna Marie Killian





While our balloon styling skills haven't risen to this level (yet?), we're finding more and more reasons to practice. Here are five reasons you might want to up your balloon game too.


#1) Balloons are customizable and DIY printable


There's a whole science behind why humans get so giddy when seeing their own name in lights... or on a cake or a balloon, (read more about the science here), but what you need to know is how easy it is to add that tailored touch yourself. 

There was a time when minimum order requirements prevented customization for non-corporate sized events.  But today, between Etsy, Pinterest and DIY, your options for personalization abound.  InkFlatables even offers a DIY option for customizing mylar balloons using your home printer.


Check out this tutorial for how to print your own InkFlatables DIY Inkjet Printable Balloons 


#2) Balloons are budget friendly


Every party planner knows how quickly decor adds up.  This is where balloons can be your best friend.  Unfilled latex balloons can be found for less than a dime. Amazon offers this package of 100 for $6.18.  While adding helium will up the cost, some party stores will allow you to save money by bringing in your own balloons for filling.  Budget friendly alternatives include buying your own helium tank. Target sells this one for $21.99.

#3) Balloons fill large spaces beautifully


When faced with vaulted ceilings or a large event space, balloons are one of the easiest ways to fill it.  We're big fans of using balloon arches or oversized/jumbo balloons, like we did here for Real Estate Agent, Michelina Queri's client appreciation gala.   Michelina has done a flawless job tying signature colors to her branding.  Jumbo sized, hot pink balloons and black lace tassels made this beautiful space with vaulted ceilings feel cohesive, warm and connected to Michelina's fabulous energy.  


If you're interested in working with Michelina (and we recommend you do), you can reach her here.


#4) Abundance of color choices


Balloon color choices have expanded so much, they are approaching Pantone numbers. Okay, slight exaggeration, but there's now enough variety to nail the perfect shade of teal your client is after.  

Or pull off a true ombré like this beauty by Oh Happy Day

#5) Pinterest.


While following a Pinterest recipe or DIY project has a strong chance of becoming a #PinterestFail, balloon pinspiration is surprisingly doable.  Add neon lights to make your balloons glow or fill with confetti to make a pretty explosion when popped. Dip them in lace, accessorize with colorful tails or add cute pop-ups.... you can follow us on Pinterest to see examples of these ideas and so much more!   

Check back soon for a tutorial on one of our favorite balloon projects.  



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